Friday, February 29, 2008

An event to remember!

When I meet with a bride to talk about save the dates and invitations, I always try to find a fun angle, or element(s) of the setting to bring into design. I'm a fan of tying it all together. A big fan.

I was having dinner with my friend, Jennie, who was busy planning her wedding. She was stressing about what to do for her save the dates and pulled out a bunch of magazines and catalogs to show me things she found. I was quick to remind her exactly who was sitting across from her at the table. No way was I going to let her be the victim of another Save the Date magnet or poorly designed calendar page. No. Way. It was at that point that I offered her my wedding gift of designing her stationery. She was thrilled, and I was excited to give them such a personal gift.

Because they were getting married on a Friday night, rather than the typical Saturday--my angle was easy. I wanted their Save the Dates to be a big announcement for an event that you wouldn't want to miss. And what better of a way to do that than with a poster. It didn't hurt that they were having a black and white wedding, with accents of green. I searched around and found a good typeface for the application and had Jennie send me some of their engagement photos and wedding information.

To dress it up a little bit, we bought some Chartreuse string tie envelopes to pull in color---and have it stand out in the mail. I even designed a mailing label that matched the poster.

"Concert" Poster Save thee Date

And, because it's ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS--I made tickets to send along with it. One for each guest. They were a hit.


This design can also convert to a wedding invitation, like I did for Zoe and Kevin:
Zoe and Kevin's Invitation

If you want to make your big day an event to remember, email me.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Welcome to my blog. I have been wanting to put this together, but keep telling myself I am NOT allowed until after I have my site up and running. Well, it is getting there--I have a few more things to do before I send it off to get "working." Here's a sneak peak. Click on the image to head over to my site:

Site in the works

Because the entire site is not yet up, I will give you some background on me. I am an Art Director (which is a fancy way of saying I have design experience!) at an ad agency by day, and spend my evenings designing wedding stationery. I've been in the design business for 7 years now. It was just last year that I did my first wedding. But, since then--things have exploded! At the time I am typing this, I have worked with over 20 brides! I love what I do, and I dream of the day that I can do it full-time...while wearing elastic waist pants and drinking bottomless mojitos in the comfort of my home studio. We can all dream, right?

My goal is to put all my work I have done so far up here for you to see until the real site is done. This blog will serve as my way of giving faster updates on my work and informing you of any news I have or cool things that I have found. I'm compiling some links of friends I have in the business that might be able to help you in your wedding planning. So, stay tuned!


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