Saturday, March 29, 2008

Working with your budget

One of my brides is getting married on a golf course this Spring. Rather than do anything cheesy with golf balls, tees or clubs, I went with a polka dot theme. Take a close look at a golf ball, and you'll find "polka dots" covering the ball– that's where this idea came from. Her colors are a pretty french blue with chocolate brown accents. The tables will be adorned with hydrangeas. I can't wait to see it all come together!

When we first talked, we threw around the idea of doing a pocket folder with a seal to keep it shut. The pocket would house a few inserts containing wedding information. This is the concept I shared with her:Let's Polka! Invitation
Click here to view large.

Once she realized how much this design was going to cost, she asked if there was a way to bring the price down--but keep the same look the invites had. I eliminated the use of the pocketfolder, and combined the information that was one on 3 cards into one card and made an RSVP postcard (less postage and no envelope!)
Let's Polka!
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Problem solved. Now they have more money for their honeymoon. ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newest Addition

Just in time for Spring! Change the colors around, and they'll be in time for Summer, Fall and Winter too. ;)

Save the Date for Sara

Best viewed large.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Custom Stamps

I'm working on some boarding pass Save the Dates, and the bride asked me about custom stamps from Zazzle. Zazzle allows you to upload any image/graphic for your stamp--and it is so easy to use. I can size any graphic from your invitation/save the date to fit the stamp graphic area. From past experience, the "small" stamp works best. The other sizes are huge! Even the small, isn't "small"-it measures 1.8" x 1.3". They are $14.95 for a sheet of 20.

But, DON'T FORGET postage is going up on May 12! So, if you're mailing after that date--hold off until Zazzle offers new postage.

Here's an example of a custom stamp that matches the boarding pass:
Boarding Passes with Custom Stamps

Click here to view large.

Isn't it lovely when things tie together?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Envelope Education!

I often find myself explaining envelope styles to my clients. Most people don't realize how many options there are– and, of course there are many colors (flat, metallic, translucent or clear). Finding the right color for your wedding is not a common problem!

Most all my invitations go into an A7 envelope (which means the invites are 5x7). Two styles of A7 envelopes are:
1. Announcement

Announcement Envelope

Announcement envelopes have a square flap. When I use this style, I love to do an address label that wraps around the envelope and contains design elements from the invite inside. It dresses up the envelope and the best part is that you don't have to spend the time hand addressing them all--and they look great.
Wrap Around Address Label
2. Baronial


Baronial envelopes are a little more formal/traditional and have a pointed flap.

My boarding pass Save the Dates/Invitations come in a #10 envelope. The same envelope that you probably get most your bills in. They come in three styles. The wrap around labels are often put on these envelopes as well.

1. Standard #10, which opens on the long side:

#10 Envelope

2. #10 Policy, which opens on the shorter side:

#10 Policy

3. #10 String Tie Closure, which opens on the shorter side and is reinforced with a string and "button." These envelopes may only be hand addressed or use labels, they will not go through your home printer.

#10 String Tie Closure

There are so many options out there. I will work with you to choose the one that works best with your wedding design.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

FYI Postage going up on May 12!

Get full information on the rate change USPS website. So, that means you have until may 12th to buy the "Forever" stamps at .41¢ (these liberty bell stamps are the only ones at that rate that the post office will accept after the change on 5/12). Granted, it's only 1¢ more a stamp--but it adds up!

In the past, I've done custom stamps using art from the invitation. You can get them on a few sites, but I have had good luck with zazzle. They are not offering .42¢ postage just yet–so hold off on ordering anything special to avoid cluttering your pretty envelopes with penny postage.

I'll keep checking with Zazzle and will let you know when they are offering 42¢ stamps!

Letterpress is available!

While most all of my clients have gone with the digital printing I offer through a local printshop to keep costs down, I wanted to put it out there that I am capable of doing letterpress, engraving, embossing and thermography. I have an established relationship with a very reputable shop who does beautiful work. Letterpress is beautiful, so if we have the time and budget to do it--let's do it!

We can take any of my existing designs to letterpress, or work together to come up with something custom.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Boarding Passes to announce your big day!

I first did these Save the Dates for my friends Sara and Ryan, who will be getting married in Mexico in a few short months. They are by far one of my best selling designs. Sara's save the dates had the flower graphic from the front printed as a pattern on the back. I also designed a mailing label for the envelope.

Boarding Pass Save the Dates

Most people just ask for me to change the colors to match their wedding.
Boarding Pass Save the Dates

Others want something a little more customized. I did this version for Julie and Jason, who are getting married on a vineyard in California. No major traveling is involved, but the boarding passes are still perfect because the couple met while working as flight attendants!
Boarding Pass Save the Dates

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