Thursday, March 6, 2008

FYI Postage going up on May 12!

Get full information on the rate change USPS website. So, that means you have until may 12th to buy the "Forever" stamps at .41¢ (these liberty bell stamps are the only ones at that rate that the post office will accept after the change on 5/12). Granted, it's only 1¢ more a stamp--but it adds up!

In the past, I've done custom stamps using art from the invitation. You can get them on a few sites, but I have had good luck with zazzle. They are not offering .42¢ postage just yet–so hold off on ordering anything special to avoid cluttering your pretty envelopes with penny postage.

I'll keep checking with Zazzle and will let you know when they are offering 42¢ stamps!

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