Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Envelope Education!

I often find myself explaining envelope styles to my clients. Most people don't realize how many options there are– and, of course there are many colors (flat, metallic, translucent or clear). Finding the right color for your wedding is not a common problem!

Most all my invitations go into an A7 envelope (which means the invites are 5x7). Two styles of A7 envelopes are:
1. Announcement

Announcement Envelope

Announcement envelopes have a square flap. When I use this style, I love to do an address label that wraps around the envelope and contains design elements from the invite inside. It dresses up the envelope and the best part is that you don't have to spend the time hand addressing them all--and they look great.
Wrap Around Address Label
2. Baronial


Baronial envelopes are a little more formal/traditional and have a pointed flap.

My boarding pass Save the Dates/Invitations come in a #10 envelope. The same envelope that you probably get most your bills in. They come in three styles. The wrap around labels are often put on these envelopes as well.

1. Standard #10, which opens on the long side:

#10 Envelope

2. #10 Policy, which opens on the shorter side:

#10 Policy

3. #10 String Tie Closure, which opens on the shorter side and is reinforced with a string and "button." These envelopes may only be hand addressed or use labels, they will not go through your home printer.

#10 String Tie Closure

There are so many options out there. I will work with you to choose the one that works best with your wedding design.

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