Friday, September 12, 2008

New photography!

I finally got around to packing up my samples and sending them off to my dear friend, Melanie, who took some beautiful photographs of my work. I have been making my own comps in photoshop, which does the job--but it doesn't always do the invite justice. So, thank you so much Melanie for helping me out and making my invitations come to life! Here's a sampling of her shots:
Ka-Bloom Pocketfold Invitation
Blooms and Stripes Detail
Let's Polka! Invitations
Bold Pocketfold Invitation
Tropical Flower Boarding Pass

You may go to my flickr account to see my work, which is now oh-so-organized!
Click here to see my Save the Dates set
Click here to see my Invitations set

I also updated my Etsy store with some more samples! If you don't see something there that you saw on flickr, shoot me an email and I will see to it that you get a sample.

Thank you, Melanie! I owe you my first born.

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