Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is in the air!

I am so excited that the snow has melted, temperatures are rising and my perennials are making an appearance. Yesterday, I was even able to do a little yardwork...with the help of Pete of course.

As I was soaking in the sun this morning, I started thinking of colorful pinwheels. Don't ask why, perhaps there was a little something special in my coffee. Or maybe my mind was still out of whack from a dream I had last night, where my boyfriend's parents were meeting my parents for the first time in the Target parking lot...and I was wearing a night gown. Getting off track, back to the pinwheels!

I figured that they should be fairly simple to make, and how CUTE would they be as an accessory to an engagement shoot or even an outdoor wedding reception. Just pick out a bunch of different colored papers from your palette and get crafty. OR, get your invitation designer (cough, cough!) to print you sheets of paper with your invitation graphic and really tie your wedding together.

I found this DIY tutorial on the Better Homes and Gardens web site:

What You Need:

+ Paper, fabric, or foam material
+ Scissors
+ Pencil
+ Straightedge or ruler
+ Straight pins with plastic heads or aluminum screw posts (like those used in scrapbooks and photo albums)

1. Cut a square of material to desired size.
2. With pencil, draw two light lines between the opposite corners of the square, using a ruler or straightedge.
3. Make four cuts along lines, starting at each corner and stopping three-fourths of the way to the center of the square, as shown in the pinwheel diagram.
4. Poke a hole through every other corner and through the center of the pinwheel. Be careful not to poke too close to the edge, or the hole may rip when the pinwheel is assembled.
5. Fold the pricked corners into the center. If using a pin, push the pin through the pricked points, then through the center hole. If using a screw post, push the screw post through the underside of the square and then through the pricked points. Secure with screw.

If this craft doesn't interest you, check out the other ones on the BHG site--I found lots of things I would like to take the time and create.

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Julie said...

These are DARLING. I'm gonna make them with the kiddies. :-)

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