Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's that time again!

Brides across the US wait for the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement. It happens only once a year (twice if you are in Boston) and brides to be can score a designer wedding gown from $249 to $699 (regularly $900-$9000! Dresses have original tags).

If you haven't been, and there's one in your area--GO! It's an adventure. Brides put teams together and line up early. When the doors open, the girls bolt to the racks of designer dresses. In less than a minute, the racks are empty and girls undress right then and there to start trying on. For extra efficiency, many brides are seen wearing spandex--so that undressing isn't even necessary. If modesty isn't a problem for you, you won't be alone in your bras and underwear...I promise!

While I am sure there is some catty behavior within the walls of Filene's on this day, there's a great sense of camaraderie with the brides. If a gown doesn't suit their liking, they are happy to pass it on to another bride--which could be the gown of her dreams. It's also a great environment to get lots of opinions, if you want them. ;)

Running of the Brides isn't for everyone. But if you love a bargain and you have one in your area, or are willing to travel--go! Make team t-shirts and have fun with it. Most of the times, there are radio and tv stations doing live broadcasts at the event. If chaos isn't your thing, you can still find a dress later in the day. I know girls who have gone to The Running of the Brides, only to be overwhelmed by it all and then returned later to find a dress.

Visit Filene's online for more information. Ready...set...go!


Patricia Boudrot said...

Marit-- thanks so much for letting your blog readers know about this summer's Running of the Brides events. Just want to correct one thing (and it's just a typo) -- original prices of these gowns range from $900 to $9000 (three zeros)! In fact, at the Feb. ROTB in Boston I saw original price tags of $11,000 and $12,000--our price was $699. Enjoy your vacation. Thanks again. Pat

Marit said...

You are welcome! I fixed it. I'd love to go to the ROTB in Boston, maybe next year. :)

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