Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Ceremony Site

My parents are in Maine for a few weeks, so they were amazing enough to take some pictures of our ceremony site. Not only that, but they are going to meet with a caterer and also take some photos of our reception venue so that I can start on the details. I'm so lucky that they are able to do this stuff for know, living on the OPPOSITE side of the country and all.

I am in love with this meeting house. It's so adorable and full of New England charm. The inside is so spectacular (or maybe I am biased!), that I don't think we are going to have to do much at all for the ceremony as far as decorations. My mom is going to plant a bunch of flowers for us to pot on the steps to dress up the outside, and we'll probably put some baskets of flowers in some of the windows. I hate to distract too much from the woodwork and the abundance of charm that the meeting house has.

The outside:

And pictures of the inside. Each box pew has cute numbers on the doors. It has a balcony, which I imagine will make for some great photos of the ceremony:


melanie said...

LOVE THIS SITE! Very cool.

Marit said...

Isn't it great? We're so excited. :) Thanks for the comment, your site is filled with inspiration for our wedding.

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