Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY Whoopie Pie/Cupcake Stand

As I was doing some Antique Blue Mason Jar shopping in local antique stores, I came across the most beautiful glass and crystal cake pedestals. I knew instantly that is what I wanted to put our assortment of whoopie pies on at the reception. That was, until I turned one over to see the price. They ranged from $40-$130 each, which was out of my budget considering it would take a few of them to complete our dessert table.

Looking at them, I realized they'd be so easy to make! I hopped in the car and went to a thrift store where I found an assortment of plates and glasses. They ranged from 79¢ to $1.29 each. I bought enough for a couple stands and headed to the hardware store where I bought some Gorilla Glue.

Here are some of the pieces:

Unfortunately, I didn't take photos "in the making." Fortunately, it is ridiculously easy. Simply take the glue and line the edge of your glass (follow the directions on the glue and don't use too much!). I glued the rim of the glass, but you would probably glue the base too. Once you have the glass glued, place it against the bottom of the plate and press firmly for 30 seconds. I put a couple big cans of tomatoes on mine to keep the pressure consistent.


– Thrift store plates and glasses. Candlesticks and votive holders will work too if you need some more lift: 79$ to $1.29 per piece
–Super Glue: $5

You can make a stand for under $10.

Use china or porcelain plates for another look. Or, buy some matte white spraypaint and give your pedestal a coating to mimic milk glass!

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