Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What I've been up to...

2012 has been full of changes for me. I started the year by quitting my full-time day job to focus on weddings. Most of my time is spent working as Creative Director WeddingLovely. I work with two amazing and talented women, and we are building something so awesome for all you planning brides as well as small independent vendors (like me!). It gets better and better every day. Whether you are a bride or a wedding vendor--check it out! We'd love to have you be a part of WeddingLovely.

Things are going great, I honestly couldn't be happier. Every day, I am immersed in weddings and meeting new people. The wedding industry has some truly amazing and inspirational entrepreneurs– it's definitely put some spark back into my life and a match under my ass. My assistant, Pete, no longer spends all day alone. Instead? He gets outside time and some afternoon snuggles while I work on my laptop. I'm even learning to make some time for myself too, I'm back in spin class and getting into shape. Even more awesome, is my amazing husband who has supported my leap...he rocks my socks off. I could not have done this without him. Life is good.

While I am not super active on my blog, I will try to pop in more often to update you on what's going on with Marit Hanson Weddings. I've got some new designs to share (and a website that needs a refresh!). You can always find me on twitter, I tweet daily! I'm also on Pinterest--you can find everything from fashion, to home decor, to things that make me giggle...and weddings of course! If you aren't a fan on facebook, I'd love to have you there too! I blog M-F at WeddingLovely, visit it for daily wedding inspiration!

Thank you so much everyone for supporting me! Marit Hanson Weddings has been 6 years in the making (I can't believe that!) and it feels so good to finally be able to focus on the wedding industry full-time.


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