Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Picked your wedding music?

One of the hardest things for us when planning our wedding was selecting music and choosing a reading. The weddings we have attended in the last year, since we have been planning, I've remembered the music---and it has served as a nice reminder when the song plays on the radio. Each time I hear "Here comes the sun," I am reminded of the beautiful wedding of our close friends Josh and Allison. When "Dog Days" by Florence and the Machine comes on, I remember Alex and Dan walking down the aisle together with huge smiles on their faces. Music creates memories, and I wanted to have something special for us as well.

Here's what we ended up going with:
Processional: Ben Folds, Luckiest (we had this played live, instrumental with flute and was perfect!)
Recessional: If I Were a Carpenter, Johnny Cash and June Carter (We had this edited to cut out the first verse about making babies...we plan to, just didn't want that to be the first thing mentioned as we were announced as a married couple!)
First Dance: The Temptations, Earth Angel (This song was easy to dance to, and gave our crowd flashbacks of "Back to the Future")
Father/Daughter Dance: Neil Young, Here for You (my dad is a HUGE Neil Young fan and this song was perfect, as he wrote it for his own daughter)

Here are some resources to help you find wedding music. The link straight to music suggestions, no digging required:
Wedding Wire
The Knot
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