Monday, January 17, 2011

Experimenting with fabric flowers

My fiance was out of town all week, so I had lots of time peruse through wedding magazines and read up on wedding blogs. A friend of ours made some fabric flowers for her wedding, and they were so pretty that I mentally bookmarked the idea. She sewed them onto a sash for her bridesmaids and they looked so cute! Since I am only having a maid of honor, I figured I should be able to do something like this. There's no excuse, I don't have to do 5 of them.

I came across the "how-to" in the Summer 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which is also online here. I made the peony, but she also has a garden rose and a zinnia. The instructions are simple, these were the first two I made--so I figure I can only get better. You can too!

I used some red cotton fabric and some tiffany blue silk blend fabric to test how they'd turn out. I plan on making some more, using some different textured fabric. Here's how the initial attempt turned out:

In the meantime, the wedding planning has continued! I purchased my veil, a flower fascinator and will be purchasing a sash soon with a gift certificate I won from Bronze Budget Bride and Buds and Blooms. I also ordered a custom Sea Bag to carry my things around for the wedding, it's going to be really cute. Now, we just have to get my groom outfitted!

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