Friday, April 15, 2011

Centerpiece Ideas

Now that all the "big stuff" is done, it's time to start figuring out the details. This weekend, my focus is on centerpieces and table numbers.

The image below is from Flora Grubb, isn't it beautiful? I already assigned my dad the ask of "stump collecting." I love the mix of jars holding an array of flowers. My mom is planting lots of dahlias and zinnias which we plan on filling the vases with.

I am playing with the idea of painting jars and metal cans (yay for recycling!) to serve as vases. I will post a "how to" on that soon, it's so easy and really adds an extra touch of DIY goodness.

I am loving these table numbers using simple exterior house numbers found at hardware stores.

We are headed to a big flea market this weekend, so we'll see what I come back with! I think that these simple ideas will look great in the 1812 Farm.

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