Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIY Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are all the rage, they're popping up all over my favorite wedding blogs. They're great for centerpieces that hold a mix of blooms, which is why I am looking to use them for our wedding.

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate our wedding colors into different details, so I decided to see what the jars would look like painted. I think that it came out pretty good! I think I'll paint one for every table and maybe mix in clear glass as well. But, the court is still out on that one.

You only need to products to create them. A surface conditioner and some perm-enamel. I got mine at Jo-Ann for about $12 or so.

To do this, it's super easy. First, take of the label and make sure that all the adhesive is off the jar so that it looks nice and clean. Or, you can always buy a case of clean jars. I'm going for the recycle-route and am using random jars from things we already use. Wash the inside and make sure it's good and dry. Save the lids!

Second, you are going to put some of the Surface Conditioner into the jar, put on the lid, and swirl it around and around. You may dump what's left back into the container to use on your other jars. Now, get a cocktail and sit back for an hour or two to be safe and let that solution dry. In the sun--it might dry quicker!

Lastly, pour some Perm-enamel paint into a container with a LITTLE water to dilute the paint. The instructions say that you should not do this---but I did and it worked just fine. If you do not add water, the paint doesn't thin out enough to swirl around the jar. Pour the mixture in the jar and swirl it around and around. I did this in my front yard and I am sure the neighbors thought I was a little crazy. But who cares---because the end result was worth it. Not to mention, it was a nice arm workout to make sure that I'm looking good on September 10!

Let your jars dry and voila!

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