Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'd say "yes" to this dress!

I was looking around tonight at various blogs tonight. One click led to another, and before I knew it--I was looking at wedding dresses by Saja. I was first drawn by their really cute logo, but was really sucked into the AMAZING and simple gowns.

This one is my favorite. Low and behold, it's only $790 (bookmarked!):

They have a Bridesmaid dress in the same style, which I'd actually consider making "the" dress:

If you are looking for a dress or like me, just like to look at dresses, head on over to Saja Wedding and check out their selection.


Julie said...

I LOVE this dress. Extremely flattering cut and the fabric is gorgeous. I have a couple of dresses in this same cut and have always thought I'd have one made to match the pattern. This one's beautiful. :-)

Marit said...

And the price is completely reasonable! I usually pick the most expensive options, so this was a pleasant surprise. :)

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