Thursday, February 4, 2010

Featured Favor: Recipe Books

I love when couples take the time to think out their favors and make is something meaningful to them--and in turn, their guests too. I've received many pieces of monogrammed chocolate bars and other trinkets like candles or picture frames, but I've yet to get something as thoughtful (and useful!) as a family recipe book.

Granted, I love to cook, so I might be a little biased--but this is such a wonderful idea featured on Intimate Weddings.

To put this together, the couple simply mailed out a blank recipe card with their wedding invitations as part of the RSVP suite. Each guest sent in a favorite recipe and the bride compiled them all into a recipe book to share with her guests at the wedding. Anyone that couldn't make it was sent a copy in the mail...what a thoughtful idea!

If you'd like to do something like this, I can design a recipe card to match any of my invitation sets--like this one for my Blooms and Stripes design:

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