Thursday, December 2, 2010

New invitation design!

I am so excited to share this new invitation with you. I had the opportunity to work with Teal to create a custom invitation design for her vintage yet modern wedding in Columbus, Ohio. We met over lunch and talked about all the details of her wedding, from the venue and the flowers to her beautiful lace dress and wedding colors of gray/orange. And how cute is it that both their names and her new last name all begin with "t?" These were all elements that I wanted to play up, while still keeping it sophisticated.

After a few rounds of designs, this is what the couple chose to represent their big day. I am calling this design "Tea for Two," a double reference hinting at the lace/doily pattern and the amazing couple I was able to work with to create it!
tile all

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tile close

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This invite will be on my website soon, but you can purchase a sample now on etsy.


Jen said...

Marit, I love the new design!


Can I get married again and have this?! Love it.

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