Monday, December 7, 2009

Planning in style.

Anyone that knows me is aware that I love organizing. I'm not too fond of clutter and find a place for just about everything. Even more, I love organizing using pretty things! One thing that I can't live without is my handy Russell and Hazel mini-binder (lime green, of course!), filled with calendars, business cards of my favorite vendors and my much needed to do lists that keep me on track.

For all you brides out there in the midst of your planning and looking to get organized, I suggest you head over to Russell and Hazel and check out their amazing wedding organizer. Not only is it beautiful, it will get you on track to stress free planning!

The best part about this organizer, is that Russell and Hazel has a page on their website of FREE downloadable PDFs to fill your binder and assist in every step of your planning. Download as many of them as you want!

Already hitched, this would make a fabulous Christmas present for a newly engaged bride-to-be! On my list? Their pretty and practical recipe binder... check it out too. :)

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