Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Crafty!

Most brides end up ordering a handful of extra invitations for last minute additions to their guest lists or to have as keepsakes.

In the last issue of Martha Stewart, there was a DIY project that uses your extra stationery to create beautiful paper flowers. I might have to order a heart punch to make some for a vase in my studio office.

You'll need:
Heart Shaped Punch
1/2" Circle Punch

How to make it:
1. Curl five hearts around a pencil to create a slight curve.
2. Interlock them at the valley of each heart.
3. Glue a 1/2" circle to the back of the flower in the center.
4. Poke a lenght of floral wire through another circle, bending it to create an L.
5. Glue the two circles together, sandwiching the wire.

For leaves, glue two hearts, with wire between them, together and fold!

Look at other great DIY projects on Martha's site!

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