Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I say "I do" to this do!

I've found myself sifting through my wedding magazines in more detail than before. I used to scour them for design inspiration and now I have turned into the girl that takes in each and every page. It's okay though, I warned my husband-to-be of my latest wedding obsessions and he seems to be okay with it. He has to be though right, because it's technically his fault!

In a recent Martha Stewart Weddings email, she had a feature on updos. I believe it was even in her last magazine issue.

This is my favorite updo, and it even gives instructions on how to do it yourself. I think I might try it out this weekend. It's beautiful as is, but depending on my dress I might pair it with a birdcage veil or a pretty flower.

Click here
to see other updos or to get the easy directions on how to achieve this look yourself.

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