Monday, July 12, 2010

My first look at Wedding Dresses

My friend Beth sent me a link to Bella Bridesmaid to get me started on my wedding planning mission. We don't have a date or a location set yet, but it's still fun to look and get ideas for when that day comes. I've been flipping through some of my bridal magazines, and I am learning that it's not so easy to find dresses that aren't strapless. Or, at least they don't put them in the advertisements. I'm headed to Chicago this weekend, where I'll be seeing Tom Petty (woo hoo!) and trying on my sister in law's wedding dress. As long as I don't look like I am wearing a sausage casing, I might just go with it. She wore it well on their wedding day, and it would be pretty awesome to share her dress. :)

Because I will need to have some backup, I went on an online search of my own.

Here are some of my favorites:
I love this short dress from Simple Silouettes. And it's only $630. With the addition of a cute birdcage veil, I think you could feel like a total bride in the Aster Dress:

Another short dress from Jenny Yoo, the Joceylyn is only $450. I love the keyhole cutout in the front of this dress:

While I like the idea of having a "party dress," like the two above--I am still obsessed with this dress (DU6556) from Saja Wedding for $790. I blogged about it before.

I have no idea what style dress I will go with, as I am sure that will depend on when/where we get married. I do know that I want something simple. I'm new to everything other than paper, so if you have any recommendations for designers--send them my way!

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