Monday, July 19, 2010

A new addition to my nightstand

I am trying to get used to wearing my engagement ring. I have NO PROBLEMS wearing it all day long, in fact I often find myself staring at it. I still can't believe that I'm getting married, but I couldn't be happier!

The one thing I haven't fully adapted to is wearing my ring to sleep. I have been taking it off most nights and placing it on my night stand. I wanted something to put it it in to keep it safe and not on-the-loose. While in Chicago this weekend, I went into a cute little store called Jayson Home and Garden and found this darling little porcelain box that will look great on my nightstand. We are both suckers for type, so it's perfect.

They had them with letters painted on the tops, but I went with the ampersand. And, if Dave has problems to adjusting to the addition of jewelry to his finger, there's room in there for his ring too. :)

Do you wear your ring at all times?

1 comment:

pretty shiny things said...

that is so cute! if only they had one with a little Boston on it :)

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